FasCard System Updates


This document describes the changes in each FasCard System Update.

Certain items below may require updates to Satellite Access Point(s), Reader(s), and/or Kiosk(s). Please contact CCI Technical Support for assistance.

Current Release

Release 32 - April 16, 2024

New Features

  • Support for FLEX RF

  • Added direct access to StaxBill billing portal from within the Admin Site.


  • System Maintenance Auto-Refresh has been replaced with a manual Refresh button and a display of the timestamp of the last refresh.

    • The System Maintenance page will no longer automatically refresh every 30 seconds as a result.

  • Individual satellite and machine status histories on the System Maintenance page is now accessible by clicking on the status link itself.

    • Previously, viewing the status history was done through clicking any singular row on the table. This added potential to mistakenly click any row and load a machine’s status history.

    • Additionally, you can now open individual satellite and machine status histories in a new window or tab.

  • Machine status notifications for when a cycle nears completion now require customers to have email verification and login record.

  • Individual machine status history pages now display the MAC addresses of potential duplicate readers for easier identification.

  • Store Account Admins can now enable/disable CVV and Zip verification from Loyalty Settings if the Payment Gateway allows.

  • Hyperlinks that cross-link to other admin pages are now underlined.

  • Hyperlinks that previously showed a URL specific to the FasCard Admin Site are now removed from emailed reports.

  • Certain reports are now restricted to only store Account Admins.

  • Credit surcharges are now itemized in the Income Totals report.

  • Work Schedules now distinguish the difference between the current month and the previous/next month.

  • Work Schedules can now be exported to a PDF for printing based on the current user’s calendar view (Day/Week/Month/Agenda/Timeline).

  • Improvements to Satellite tracking, statistics, updates and notification processing.

  • Various improvements to database queries and performance.


  • Fixed an issue where an employee user with limited permissions can generate reports with links the user cannot access.

  • Fixed issue where pressing the <Enter> key on the Location Setup page prompts user to confirm deleting the saved custom logo.

    • Additionally, fixed issue where users were unable to delete a custom location logo.

  • Fixed issue where, on the System Maintenance screen, selecting the Central Time Zone reverts to Pacific Time Zone.

  • Fixed issue where scheduled balance reload events immediately triggered for a user when saving a set up reload schedule.

  • Fixed issue where the Sales Interval report did not include the 11:00PM interval for hourly reporting.

Previous Releases

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