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Advanced LaundryCard Live (ALCL) is a set of expanded features not included in the base LaundryCard Live system.  These features leverage CCI's dedicated cloud servers to provide functionality normally not available in an 'On Premise' solution.  ALCL bridges the gap and allows LaundryCard store owners the ability to adopt features normally only found in 'Cloud Based' system.  This document serves as an overview of the ALCL features, not all features required to be enabled for every subscriber, the features are provided as a package and are not sold separately unless otherwise noted.

What's Included

Included in your ALCL subscription:

24/7 Technical Support Contract

CCI has long been known for having the best technical support in the industry, from our highly trained staff, high availability, call back feature, and personal attention, we stand behind our products.  Along with your Advanced LaundryCard Live subscription you will also have full access to our call center and all of our support resources. 

Support contracts are available separately from ALCL, contact technical support for details.

System Dashboard

The system dashboard provides a live snapshot of commonly accessed information.  The dashboard data is presented without connecting or "Managing" the location directly.  The Dashboard includes:

  • Snapshot of hourly sales by day as compared to the same hour in the previous week

  • Snapshot of daily sales by week as compared to the same day in the previous week

  • Snapshot of weekly sales by month as compared to the same week in the previous month

  • Current cash totals and capacity statistics from the X-Changers

  • List of currently clocked in employees

  • Banner will display any 'Red Line' errors that are actively present at the location

  • Banner will display success/failure status of remote backup

X-Changer Monitoring Alerts

LaundryCard is always self monitoring its system heath, when it detects an issue it will show a 'Red Line' error on the X-Changer screens for an employee to monitor and review.  Now you can configure ALCL to send you an email alert whenever a 'Red Line' error is generated.  You can configure the alerts to be sent to multiple recipients and also configure multiple alerts with different recipients.  Available alerts include:

  • Location Offline

  • System Errors

  • Remote Backup Failed

Once the errors are cleared you will receive a follow up email indicating as such, for issues that require more time to resolve you can 'Silence' the alert so you are not delivered additional reminders of the alert.

Location Monitoring Alerts

Ensuring that the LaundryCard system stays connected to the internet is imperative to an operations success.  Remote access, X-Changer monitoring, SYNC Services, Push Reporting, and Credit / Debit Card processing all rely on a persistent internet connection.  The new Location Offline alert you can be notified if your location is not visible from the internet so that you can react more quickly .  Once the location returns online a follow up message will be sent indicating as such.  Offline alerts can be configured to send to multiple email recipients.

Remote Data Backup

This new automated routine will backup a copy of the essential data files from your system to our secure offsite datacenter.  In the event of a disaster these backups can be used to restore you customer balances and sales history to the most recent backup state.  Backups are performed once a day, a status banner is displayed on the dashboard so you can always be confident that you have a current offsite backup available.  Optionally you can configure an email alert to be sent if a backup fails to complete, upon a successful backup a follow up email will be sent confirming as such.


Push Reporting

This new feature allows for select reports to be configured and scheduled to be sent to multiple recipients.  If you have multiple locations you can configure to have the location totals combined to provide a franchise wide view of data.  Reports available for scheduled email push include:

  • Totals

  • Employee Hours

  • Credit Card Transactions

  • Collection

SYNC Service

Formally known as 'Multi-Store', SYNC service allows your retail customers to travel between your locations with the same card and use their balance anywhere you choose.  This service also allows your employee cards to be transferred between locations allowing for attendants, collectors, technician, and managers to all keep an maintain a single card across all of your locations.  All card transfer balances are reported in the Multi-Store report so you can monitor which customers are using multiple stores.  Previously this functionality was available on an ad hoc basis, with Advanced LaundryCard Live the service is included!

More to come!

Your subscription to ALCL will evolve over time, we have more features in development and will be adding them as they are ready.


Advanced LaundryCard Live is an annual auto-renewing subscription paid via ACH bank transfer.

Early Adopter Pricing: $83.33 per month (Paid Annually, $1,000) per store.