Purchasing FAQ

CCI systems are sold exclusively through a network of local distributors who specialize in payment products for laundry equipment.

How can I get a pricing for your products?

CCI can assist in obtaining a quotation for any of our products through one of our many local distributors, please fill out our RFQ (Click Here) form online and someone will contact you within 24 hours, or call our office at 866-860-1660 and speak to our sales department.

Why can't I buy your products directly from you?

CCI is a small technology company specializing in design, development, and support of our products, we don't have the resources to properly support a national sales force.  Selling our products through localized distributors allows us to provide our users with a local presence while still offering superior phone support directly from our office in Addison IL.

Do I have a choice in where I buy your products?

Yes, CCI often has multiple distributors in a given area, while it often is advantageous to purchase from a distributor whom also services your brand of laundry equipment it is not required.  CCI also identifies select distributors as 'Premier Distributors', these companies have additional experience with our products and are an excellent choice when selecting a re-seller.

Can I get your products factory installed when I buy new laundry equipment?

No, CCI products are after market 'add-ons' specifically designed to be retrofitted to existing (new or old) equipment.  Your local distributor can provides installation services for our products and can review the best options for getting the product installed.

How can I purchase a support contract for my LaundryCard system?

Renewal notices are automatically sent out via email within 30 days of your support contract expiration date, the email contains a link that allows a contract to be purchased online.  If you are not receiving these notices please contact our support department and make sure they have your current email address.  You may also purchase a renewal from any of our support technicians over the phone. 

How do I become a distributor?

CCI aligns its self with the best local distributors in the industry, in order to qualify as a CCI Distributor you must already have an active distribution agreement with one of the major commercial laundry equipment manufacturers.  If you are a first line distributor for one of the major equipment manufacturers and would like to carry our products please fill out our distributor application and someone will contact you within 24 hours.