How-to Format VAR Sheet(s) for WorldNet Payments Gateway

In this document, the steps and requirements for VAR sheets formatted for WorldNet will be shown. WorldNet is most compatible with First Data North (Nashville) & TSYS Acquiring Solutions. We do highly recommend formatting a First Data North (Nashville) VAR sheet instead of TSYS for ease of setup due to WorldNet's longer list of requirements for TSYS VAR sheets.

First Data Requirements

VAR Checklist

  • North Platform

  • Nashville Auth. Network

  • Terminal ID

  • MCC/SIC Code


Example VAR

FirstData VAR Sample - Worldnet.pdf

TSYS Requirements

TSYS Sierra VAR Setup | Version 1.0 | 6 July 2021

TSYS Sierra VAR Setup v1.0.pdf

VAR Checklist

Please ensure the following is configured for your TSYS VAR to allow for successful boarding on the
Worldnet gateway:

  • The merchant account must be configured on TSYS for Terminal Capture, NOT Host Capture

  • The Profile must be activated at TSYS 

  • The VAR sheet must include a Reimbursement Attribute. Usually this is ‘Z’ but it can differ depending on the account.

  • An Authentication Code must be provided. The Authentication Code MUST BE 10 CHARACTERS and any LETTERS MUST BE CAPITALIZED. This is usually found in the comments section. 

  • The Industry must be selected.


  • IMPORTANT: The VAR will need to be a custom Stage build that is setup for Terminal Capture and has an Authentication Code set. Usually VARs with an Authentication Code are for Host Capture and to avoid issues you will need to ensure the custom VAR is set up for Terminal Capture.

Troubleshooting Tips

In some cases when you attempt to activate the TSYS account you will receive a “terminal not ctivated” response. For this scenario, follow the below steps to ensure everything is correctly set up.

  1. Double check details from the VAR match what has been entered into the gateway. Things like the MCC, Zip Code and everything on the bank settings page in the processing terminal need to match exactly.

  2. If everything is matching, contact the ISO and double check that the account is set up for Terminal Capture.

  3. If Terminal Capture is the confirmed setup for the account, ask the ISO if they can reset the authentication code to something different. Once the new authentication code is set, confirm the profile has been activated and update the details in the gateway and attempt to activate again.

  4. If you are still unable to activate the account, double check that the reimbursement attribute has been properly set up on the account.

VAR Example

TSYS VAR Sample - Worldnet.pdf

WorldNet Contact Information

If there is any confusion about the setup or formatting of VAR sheet(s), it is recommended to reach out to WorldNet directly.

WorldNet USA Support
+1 (470) 372-1602