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The FasCard Dashboard serves as a quick snapshot of an account's recent sales and usage volume broken down into different charts, customizable to display one or multiple facets of information for any arrangement of store locations of a user's choosing. This guide provides detailed information on each section as well as how to set up a customized Dashboard.

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The Dashboard is a tab introduced with Release 27 of the FasCard Admin Site. As the Dashboard serves as a quick account snapshot, once a Dashboard is configured, the Dashboard becomes the first displayed page upon logging in to the FasCard Admin Site.

The Dashboard can display up to four (4) types of reports: Sales Interval, Loyalty Acquisition, Sales Comparison, and Turns, though any combination, including multiple iterations of the same report for multiple different locations, can be set up at the discretion of the user.

The Dashboard is available for setup by Account Administrators and any managers/employees with the Report Admin User Privilege enabled.

Dashboard: First Use

Whether Report Admin rights were previously or very recently enabled, when first opening the Dashboard, you will be either be shown the default four (4) reports as a baseline layout, or welcomed to a blank page that requires customization using the Configure Dashboard sub-tab.

Configure Dashboard

The Configure Dashboard sub-tab provides customization for up to four (4) charts of a user's choosing to display recent history for the main Dashboard page.

Chart Selection & Setup

Choosing from the available selection will populate the settings window based on the report. Regardless of which report chosen, the Location for the report can be set to any individual store, location group, or all locations under the account.

ReportDescriptionTypesAdditional Filters
Sales IntervalSales Interval displays sales data for selected equipment types between selected date ranges.
  • Past 24 hours
  • Last week
  • Equip Filter (Default: All Equipment; can be modified to any chosen individual or set of equipment types)
  • Sales Filter (Default: Coin, Credit Card, Loyalty card, MobileApp, Bonus, Employee)
Loyalty AcquisitionLoyalty Acquisition provides a comparison of visits and sales data between new loyalty customers and returning customers.  This chart does not account for customers who pay with coins or credit/debit directly at machines.
  • Last Week
  • Last Month
Sales ComparisonSales Comparison allows sales data to be compared between various start dates for the available interval types.
  • Last 4 days
  • Last 4 weeks
  • Sales Filter (Default: Coin, Credit Card, Loyalty card, MobileApp, Bonus, Employee)
TurnsTurns shows the number of starts for a selected equipment type during selected time periods.  This chart allows data to be compared between different start dates and can vary between a total number of turns or an average number of turns, at the user's discretion.
  • Last 4 weeks
  • Equip Filter (Default: All Equipment; can be modified to any chosen individual or set of equipment types)
  • Results Type
    • Total
    • Average

When configuring charts, if you prefer to change the order in which certain charts display after already having saved, you may do so by click-dragging the reorder arrows on the left of each Chart # Settings window and moving the selected chart to whichever ordered position you prefer. Keep in mind that at least two (2) charts would need to have been configured in order to reorder chart windows in the user interface (UI) display.

The Dashboard UI

While viewing the Dashboard through the FasCard Admin Site is recommended on a desktop/laptop system, a view-only version of the Dashboard is also accessible through the FasCard Loyalty Site or the FasCard Mobile App.

UI Layout

Chart Layout

1. Chart Title

2. Location
3. Generated Date

4. Data Sources
(e.g. Selected/All Equipment, Date Range, Sales Types)

5. Legend (color coded)
6. Y Axis labels and scale - shows the units used (e.g. number of customers, dollar amount)
7. X Axis labels - shows what kind of data is used (e.g. specific dates, date ranges, days in a calendar week)
8. Selected value popup - displays a portion of data collected. On desktop/laptop devices, popups are made visible by hovering over any section of data with a mouse cursor. On mobile devices (tablets / smartphones), popups are made visible by tapping on a portion of data, whether part of a bar graph stack or intersecting points in a line graph.  

As the Dashboard only provides a snapshot of reported data, full reports can be viewed in the Reports tab of the FasCard Admin Site.

Multiple Dashboards

Should an employee user be set for more than one store location, you can setup the dashboard for each location chosen.

If, at any point, a location or a store account requires said employee to be removed from the system, removing the employee user would also remove their access to that location's dashboard.

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